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'The Healer's Secret' Advanced Dowsing and Healing Workshop

The two day weekend workshop forum

To further enhance and develop your skills


Advanced Dowsing & Healing Workshop geopathic stress a




The course objective

This Advanced Divining & Healing Workshop is designed to give all those taking part a very special space and time out to connect, learn, and work with techniques and concepts at the leading edge of modern divining & healing practice.


Can you come

This weekend program is especially designed for those who have already completed the ANAM Dowsing and Divining Certification Course or who otherwise have a working experience of dowsing, healing or a related field. If you'd like to come along, just let us know your interests, experience etc.

The workshop also provides an excellent further development forum for those working actively with skills of dowsing, reading or healing and those with a long term interest in these subjects.

This is a wonderful weekend away, a space apart, in this beautiful setting, for deepening understanding and awareness and insight, in your chosen holistic field.


General format of the weekend

This weekend program combines easy paced discussions and explanatory tutorials with practical exercises, group work and active research using a variety of different concepts, methods and techniques.


Workshop overview

What are the different levels of dowsing and divining ?

what lies at the deeper levels of pendulum work and information retrieval ?

how can these skills be used in ways beyond diagnostic information, to actively effect change for example and influence probability.

Participants are encouraged

to explore their own abilities

embrace new methods

look into the deeper levels of divining, reading and traditional healing

on this weekend break specifically devoted to advanced dowsing, divining and healing


Some exciting areas covered by the program

The deeper levels of dowsing & healing - time line work - thew nature of positive influence

new methods of searching - the nature of service and surrender

the power of thought - co-creating with nature - personal spirituality and inner guidance

and much more besides


What to bring

Divining rods and pendulum if you have them.

A set of oracle cards, if you use them.

A note book and pen (to keep a record of your work).

Rain gear for walking and working outdoors





geopathic stress Advanced Dowsing & Healing Workshop



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