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The Healer's Secret


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SOURCE: Interview with Marie Angeline Lascaux on Dublin City FM Radio


There is always great excitement to be found in writing a book such as this one. Iíve had a wonderful time setting out all the practices, recounting all the stories and revisiting in detail all these powerful traditional skills which have given me so much insight down the years for my own journey. The material in The Healer's Secret is strongly based around my own traditional work and experience living in these mystic lands of rural Ireland. As a race, the Irish can appear outwardly as a secular people but deep within this nation, we carry a great indigenous heart. This is still particularly evident to those living in rural areas of the countryside. 

The deep sense of personal spirituality and connection with the land here goes back a very long way, at least five thousand years or more. Indeed it was the Irish pagan people who took Christianity itself on board by openly integrating it into their existing land based traditions of holy wells, patterns, relics and deities just as so many other indigenous societies have done.  And there are so many Neolithic sites still scattered about the place in Ireland that itís easy to understand why the song of the land comes through so vibrantly in traditional music and rhythm and dance. Here in this Emerald Isle the land still dreams and weaves her story of magical living tradition deeply in us all. More and more people visit each year to research blood ancestors, or to walk the sacred sites, or simply reconnect with their traditional nature and heart once more in these islands.  Through my own work I have witnessed so many times the powerful reawakening which reconnecting with the land and itís remembering in the soul unfolds.

So throughout this book I invite you to join me in exploring some of these deceptively simple yet powerful practices and insights. They hold the healerís secret to your traditional inner landscape of intuitive wisdom and psychic awareness.  

We all have a traditional life purpose, a gift, and this book will help you to discover or confirm yours

Primarily, your personal intuitive experiences and insights are unique to you. They may not match in any great detail with my own or those of anyone else either. The best means by which to judge your experiences lies not in their similarity to those of others, but in the ancientsí own time honored method of judging such things, where judgment is based solely on the results they provide for you. Successful results have always spoken for themselves, and they still do.

For instance, if you were told in a vision that you could cure cancer by rubbing your hands on a personís scalp and you actually did it and it worked, then the roads would be jammed for miles with people wanting to see you. They wouldnít wait for any scientific explanation, all the rationalists in the world could not deter them coming, and no matter where you lived theyíd travel to seek you out. Your fame and your practice would be based singularly on the successful results you got.

Workshops and books are extremely valuable particularly when they give us clear insights into traditional practice and natural ways of living.

I have developed this book around a sharing of insights and practices and stories specifically designed to gradually reawaken in you the intuitive heritage you hold inside.

Living tradition is always moving and learning. It evolves with each generation just as the earth changes and evolves over time. Practices today continue to be informed by the personal insights and living experience of modern day healers everywhere, just as in bygone days they were informed by the experiences and insights of the healing folk living back then.

Part of my mission in this work is to encourage all the mystery, ambiguity, curiosity and inspiration of traditional wisdom to go on living for you and in you long after you have put down this book or finished the workshops and programs. Living tradition forever motivates, challenges and supports us in equal measure.  In time you may find you frequent places and levels where I rarely travel and conversely, areas which are central to me in my journey may not be so relevant to you in yours. This is an excellent sign and I heartily encourage you always to walk your own true path.  I have no desire to distract you from it by bringing you onto mine.

The greatest measure of success for me in this entire adventure is in how much it helps you develop your own intuitive wisdom, how much it guides you in discovering your own true life purpose and how much it encourages you in living that purpose freely and joyfully in all the full abundance of your  being.

Joe Mullally



The Healer's Secret

is page after page

of rich Information and Insight

There are 272 pages

split into 19 chapters


The Table of Contents is below



Traditional Healing Book The Healer's Secret Joe Mullally 1



Traditional Healing Book The Healer's Secret Joe Mullally 2

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Do you remember the first time you found a book

that you just kept reading

and you couldn't put it down

every page had something fresh and new

every chapter was a pleasure to come back to

and you ended up reading that book many times

finding more fresh insights in each new reading


Well this complete book

is just like that.

The Healer's Secret is a treasure to have and to read

And it also makes a wonderful gift to send to someone special,


Thank you for visiting this page,

and may I wish you every success and happiness on your journey

thorugh each and every wonderful experience your life has to offer,





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