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Native Shamanic Workshops in Ireland

weaving relationship and the land


Maura Clesham


Joe Mullally

fully residential workshop - all meals and accomodation included - singles and couples very welcome


sacred ceremony ritual healing


including ... journeying, drumming, movement, reflection, sacred ceremony, sound,

stillness, traditional ritual and so many other creative processes exploring

and expanding ecstatic shamanic awareness



Separation from our true nature brings a deep felt longing in the heart

A longing to return home and settle down again here in this sacred ground we’ve always known because …..



we are walking talking precious pieces of earth



the land loves to sit with us personally,

to see herself held closely in our eyes

and as she holds us, inspires us, cares for us deeply in her loving heart

we whisper in each other and dream in each other endlessly




shamanic workshops in Ireland


Holding the masculine Holding the feminine

Is this weaving of authentic relationship between man and woman and place

the sacred shaman way in circle and space

encouraging us to personally experience this profound place

of opening and deepening

traditional intimacy, respect, trust and love

in our individual relationships between each other

 and in the special kinship and connection we weave in the land




shamanic workshops in Ireland

Come feel ..................

the rhythm of the land sing the rhythm of your soul

as the rhythm of your soul sings the rhythm of the land


here we express ourselves simply and openly heart to heart

and inspire each other Co-creating with the land in all her beauty


when we are one with nature and the land once more

we live naturally and love naturally always


the land remembers us to ourselves

so we can let go all the old programs that tell us how we should be as man and woman…

and surrender into the natural wildness of the primal people we really are


fully residential workshop - all meals and accomodation included - singles and couples very welcome


Joe and Maura invite you to share  ….

this shamanic workshop in beautiful wild land

this call back to authentic community

exploring classical shamanic ecstatic and sacred practices

ritual - sacred ceremony – dance - stillness - drumming - journeying - playfulness - reflection

exploring in circle and wheel various creative ways of deepening individual and community experience of body and land


Date and Times: 
Next Program will be held in May 2009

please contact us if you wish to be added to our update email list
Cost: 595 Euro (150 of which is due as deposit at time of booking)
accommodation  and meals are included

For further information and reservations contact:


Tel: 086 8156609



Tel: 086 3699894




Maura Clesham

Maura Clesham SRN has been exploring the healing arts for over fifteen years facilitating individuals and groups. Her passion for shamanic experience in an awakening ecstatic body is explored through her work with shamanic healing, cranio sacral  therapy, medicine wheel and as a classical shamanic teacher.



Joe Mullally

Joe Mullally TEng has been a rural diviner and land healer for over twenty years. His work centres around ‘living authentic relationship’ both person to person and between people and place. A traditional shaman and teacher, he works full time with individuals & groups. Based at the ANAM Centre near Blessington in Wicklow he visits lands, businesses and homes nationwide.




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